Dealing with numerous injuries, Steve Nash was asked if this has been the most frustrating season of his lengthy career.

"Right up there, if not the most frustrating," Nash said. "I've played a long time, so I can't remember all those years, but it's frustrating. Maybe it's because of the freshness, but it feels the most frustrating for sure."

Nash is a veteran of 17 NBA seasons.

Nash broke his left leg in his second game with the Los Angeles Lakers and missed two months. He hurt his hip last month and has dealt with hamstring discomfort because of that injury.

Nash recently switched to a stronger medication in hopes of alleviating the pain in his hamstring, according to a source.

"For me, I always just try to keep my head down and keep pushing and fight and try to get better to help the team," Nash said. "I feel like that allowed me to come out of the seven weeks (following the left leg injury) and play after two practices, which is not easy, but it was because of the hard work.

"When things weren't going well with the team, I just tried to work and try to get better and we got a little better there through February and March and now I'm back struggling and just fighting to get better again."