Glen Taylor is still mulling whether to exercise the option on the final year of David Kahn’s contract.

“I haven't come to the time to make a decision on that,” Taylor said. “Let's finish the season first. I want to find out about my coach first. I don't have a time frame to address David's situation.

“He and I have been talking about the draft and other things as we go into the offseason. At some point, I know I need to make a decision.”

Taylor is optimistic about the possible return of Rick Adelman, who took a three-week leave from the team in January to care for his ailing wife.

“When the season is over, Rick will have more time to think about Mary Kay's health,” Taylor said. “He hasn't said anything to me about his future and I haven't asked him or pushed him on that. Mary Kay will be his priority, and I understand that. We'll talk about it at the appropriate time. It's on him rather than me, but I told him I will give him all the support he needs.

“We're hopeful that Mary Kay continues to make progress. We're planning as if he will be back next year.”