The Boston Celtics reacted to Monday's Boston Marathon tragedy on Tuesday afternoon, just hours before they should have been facing the Indiana Pacers at TD Garden.

The game was canceled after the bombings at the finish line of the marathon.

"I always go down after practice and watch. I've done it every year that we've been in town, because I live literally two blocks from the finish line," coach Doc Rivers said. "I was on my way actually. I had just gotten out of the tunnel when the bomb exploded. It's just awful. It takes the joy out of sports -- because that's what sports is supposed to bring is joy. It took all the joy out of the event and out of the day."

In addition to Rivers, Jeff Green also lives close to where the tragedy took place.

"It was sad to hear about what happened yesterday," said Green. "You never think anything like that can happen. For something to happen here, right where I live, right down the street from where I live, and close to home, I mean, it's sad."

Rivers stressed pride in what he saw on the streets of Boston, the way people responded to the events.

"Being in the city, the one thing I will say, you're just really proud to be part of Boston," he said. "I saw people who didn't work for the police or anything like that, directing traffic, showing people where to go. I just thought the spirit of Boston was phenomenal last night. In a tragic event, it either separates you or brings you together. It clearly brought the city of Boston together, which was awesome."