Derrick Rose's teammates on the Chicago Bulls continue to support him and don't agree with the notion that the star guard owes it to them to return from his torn ACL.

"We don’t feel that way," Kirk Hinrich said. "It’s been a very difficult year for Derrick. I’ve never experienced any sort of injury like that. I’m not one to speak on how anybody else’s body feels. We know what kind of guy he is and what kind of teammate he is and we don’t feel that way.

"I haven’t heard one ill word said about it. You give a guy who has that type of character the benefit of the doubt. We know that he’s such a big part of this organization and this team that we trust he’s making the right decision for that and for himself."

Tom Thibodeau continued to make it clear that the Bulls will not rush Rose back.

"We certainly appreciate what all the other guys are doing, but Derrick has had a very serious injury," Thibodeau said. "It requires time. He’s 24 years old. We’re not going to rush him back."