Daryl Morey is setting realistic goals and tempering expectations after securing the free agent signing of Dwight Howard.

“I think with this, we move into one of the top teams in the West,” Morey said. “Miami, the Spurs, Oklahoma City, teams have earned more than us, we have to try to get ahead of those teams. Teams mistake at times like this when they make rash moves, rather than well thought-out moves. My concern is our playoff team coming in has chance to beat every other team in the playoffs; it’s not on having the best team in the league July 6.”

Howard called Morey Friday night after informing the Lakers he wouldn’t re-sign with the franchise.

“I gave out a little woop,” Morey said of hearing the news. “A little non-presidential yell.

“I doubted it. Until things are done, my job is to steward the Rockets franchise. I’m very excited.”