Tristan Thompson has decided to shoot with his right hand instead of his left.

“I was in Phoenix (last November) and I just started shooting right-handed and got a lot of compliments on it,” said Thompson, who’s nearly ambidextrous. “A week later when we got back to Cleveland and got one of the ball-boys to record me and I shot 100 jumpers with my left and 100 with my right and it was significantly better with my right-hand. There was just a better flow to it with my right, it looked smoother.”

Chris Grant and the Cavaliers have supported the change, even going so far as to hire a shooting coach to work with Thompson over the offseason.

“He’s the kind of guy that will have success because his work ethic is off the charts,” said Grant. “He’s very, very diligent about it. … From our standpoint we believe in him so much as a person — he’s exactly what we want our team to be about — it was a pretty easy decision. He came to us and said he wanted to do this and we helped him lay out a plan to make it happen. We laid out benchmarks for him and he surpassed them very quickly.”