Greg Oden is moving closer to playing in an actual game and could even do so briefly in the preseason.

Oden hasn't played since December of 2009.

"I tell people all the time, for me, I'm just happy to be able to step on the floor and just play, even just work out," said Oden. "And now, to be on the NBA schedule, that's just one more step closer to getting back out there and playing."

Erik Spoelstra said the Miami Heat brought Oden on the road with them to allow him to re-acclimate.

"Every part of it, we want him to feel that he's involved and a part of the team," Spoelstra said. "So even in the workouts where he hasn't been involved, he's doing pre-practice. He's watching film with our staff. He's out there for every practice. He travels with us.

"He's doing more and more each week. He loves being around the group. It would be very frustrating for any NBA player to be out for multiple years."