Tony Parker believes he can play as many as 20 years with the San Antonio Spurs, similar to the longevity of Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Why not?” Parker said. “The way I play, I think I can definitely play that long.”

“When I see (Lakers point guard) Steve Nash being an All-Star at 38, I feel like I've got the same kind of game,” he said. “Neither one of us jumps that much. We're sort of like the kings of layups and great pick-and-roll players, so I can see myself playing that long, too.”

Parker plans to play for France in the 2016 Olympics, which he promised will be his last international competition to Gregg Popovich.

Parker's current deal with the Spurs expires in 2015 and won't turn 32 until May.

“It all depends on what Coach Pop and the Spurs are going to decide with the team, but me, I'd like to play a long time,” said Parker. “I feel like I'm in my prime and my body feels great.

“I take care of my body, and I've already told Coach Pop that after 2016 I will be done with the (French) national team. So I think I can play a long time.”