The Washington Wizards were outscored 70-31 in the third quarters of their past two losses against the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors, and both players and coaches attributed the woes to a lack of awareness.

“We’re too much, right now, of a team of front-runners,” Randy Wittman said, “where if things are going good, our energy level is really high. And when we don’t make shots, the energy just zaps from our bodies. It’s has to be almost the other way around. It’s almost has to be, you’ve got to energize yourself through bad play. This game’s a game of mistakes. The team that can play through mistakes, and then obviously limit them, but play through them, usually wins.”

"Coming out the third quarter, we laid an egg,” Trevor Booker said.

The Wizards, 14-17, have failed to score 20 points in each of their past three games, all losses.