Greg Oden scored six points and grabbed two rebounds in nine minutes against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, his first action since December 2009.

Oden is still a day-to-day project for the Miami Heat but is not worrying about his knees during games anymore.

"Honestly, when I was out there I didn't even think about my knee," Oden said. "It's just a matter if they feel good. I'm not worried what's going to happen. I'm worried about just getting out there and playing.

"It's a little sore, just like the usual. Nothing I can't manage. It always gets sore after a workout or something like that. It's nothing different."

Oden's status will remain uncertain moving forward.

"We're going to stick with the plan," Erik Spoelstra said. "The plan will be the strength training, the core work, the conditioning. If he can't do those, then we won't play him."