The New York Knicks and Phil Jackson are discussing a deal for him to run the front office.

Donnie Walsh was given tremendous power when he was hired in 2008 in a similar deal, but that had limitations when James Dolan chose to intervene. Dolan also gave considerable power to Isiah Thomas.

"Nobody will ever have full autonomy," a high-ranking league official told Yahoo Sports. "Donnie had it in his deal, and when he questioned it, it was, 'See you later.' "

Dolan believes Jackson is capable of swinging the balance of power in free agency.

But Dolan's persistent policy of stonewalling the media provides a foundation for the Knicks' turmoil.

"The biggest issue for [Dolan] is the no-talk policy with the media," a high-ranking league official said. "Everybody signs on, except for Walsh. And after that [Dolan] said, "Never again.' "