Mike Woodson hopes Phil Jackson will consider keeping him as head coach of the New York Knicks during the final season of his current contract in 14-15.

“I would want him to view me as a coach,’’ Woodson said. “If and when that time comes, I would just love the chance to sit with him and talk basketball. He’s a basketball guy, I’m a basketball guy. This is 30 years I’ve spent in this league so that’s what we’ll do, but until that happens my focus is strictly on trying to get this team in the playoffs. That’s it.’’

Woodson wouldn’t say how much he’s been debriefed about the Jackson hiring.

“We know it’s out there and like I said I’ve got a great deal of respect for Phil and if the Knicks decide to go that route I think he can’t do nothing but enhance the organization,’’ Woodson said.