Mike Woodson met with Phil Jackson on Wednesday, a few months after James Dolan actually offered his job up to the newly named president of the New York Knicks.

“Mr. Dolan, this is his team, he has that right to talk to anyone about a coaching position,” Woodson said. “Again, I mean, he said it, it happened obviously but I’m the coach of the Knicks right now, I still have a job to do and as long as I’m coach of this team I’m going to try to put my best foot forward in terms of trying to get this goal accomplished in terms of trying to get this team into the playoffs. That’s what’s first and foremost at this point.”

Jackson is widely expected to replace Woodson with a handpicked head coach.

“Could I teach it? Absolutely, I can teach it, but it’d be even better if he helped me teach it,” Woodson said of Jackson. “That would be great. Who would be better in teaching the triangle than Phil Jackson?

Woodson added that he briefly “fooled with” the Triangle under head coach Chris Ford as an assistant in Milwaukee, “but we weren’t as good as Chicago and how they ran it.”