LeBron James' agent, Rich Paul, has confided to people that bringing his client back to the Cleveland Cavaliers is a mission for him. Paul is informing the Cavaliers that they're in a strong position to sign him again and is encouraging officials to offer no restraint in their recruitment of James.

Paul has held meetings with several teams without James during the first week of free agency.

Paul will be joining James for a sit-down meeting later this week with Pat Riley and the Miami Heat.

The Heat have been unable to secure a deal with any free agent as the status of James is making it difficult for Riley.

"LeBron is the ultimate recruiter, but he hasn't been any part of this process," a league source tied to the Heat's recruiting efforts told Yahoo Sports. "The first question they all ask is the same: 'Do I get to hear from LeBron? What's he going to do?' "

The Cavaliers will likely divide their cap space among second-tier free agents if they're unable to sign James.