Paul George suffered a horrific right leg injury during Team USA's scrimmage in Las Vegas on Friday night.

George ran into the basket stanchion after attempting a blocked shot.

George was taken to the hospital and the remainder of the game was canceled.

George was considered a lock to make the United States' roster for the World Cup.

The Indiana Pacers already lost Lance Stephenson in free agency and will almost certainly be without George for quite some time.

Larry Bird and the Pacers released the following statement about George's injury:

“Our first thoughts are with Paul and his family. It is way too early to speculate on his return as the No. 1 priority for everyone will be his recovery. Our initial discussions with our doctors and the doctors in Las Vegas have us very optimistic. We are hopeful at some point next week Paul will return to Indianapolis to continue his recovery.

“There is no question about the impact on our team but our goal is to be as strong-willed and determined as Paul will be in coming back. Our franchise has had setbacks in its history but has demonstrated the abilities to recover. Paul will provide the example of that off the court and it is up to the rest of us to provide that example on the court. Any discussion regarding the future of our team would be inappropriate at this time. Our focus is solely on Paul and doing whatever we can to help.

”We still support USA Basketball and believe in the NBA's goals of exposing our game, our teams and players worldwide. This is an extremely unfortunate injury that occurred on a highly-visible stage, but could also have occurred anytime, anywhere."