John Wall has improved every year and has risen up the NBA's list of point guards.

Wall was a starter in the All-Star Game last season and ranks fourth among point guards in his NBA 2K16 rating, for what that's worth.

“My goal is to be number one,” Wall said. “There’s a lot of great talent in this league, so it’s great to move up. Each year I move up, that means I’ve improved. And now I want to move up even more. I don’t want to be satisfied with where I’m at. I want to keep going up, and if I keep getting better, that means I’m bringing my team up with me and we can keep improving and we know what our ultimate goal is."

The Wizards also hope to pursue Kevin Durant in free agency in 2016.

“We’re not trying to throw anything away,” he said. “I’m not trying to waste my sixth year on nothing. I’m trying to get to where I want to be. Everybody thinks we can’t win if we don’t have Kevin. Well, you can win because you have John Wall.”