Derrick Rose said he didn't struggle with his confidence during the first of the season while adjusting to Fred Hoiberg.

"It wasn't hard to keep my confidence," said Rose on SportsTalk Live Wednesday at the United Center. "It was just hard to stay focused on my goals."

Rose has only missed six games so far this season.

"This year, I was just trying to play as many consistent games as possible," said Rose. "Next year I want to throw in my individual goals. I love the way I'm playing right now.

"As far as the team, I love the team that I'm on. We're missing Joakim (Noah), but I love where I'm at right now. I'm at peace with myself."

Rose has a PER of just 11.7 this season, but 20.4 in his last five games and 17.9 in his last 10 games.