The Boston Celtics are hoping to convert the third overall pick into an impact player further along in their career than be patient for a rookie to develop.

The Celtics have been a playoff team in each of the past two seasons with a strong overall team that lacks a true star.

"[I'm] hearing that No. 3 pick overall is the one that they are really shopping," said Blakely, "trying to be as aggressive as possible in trying to move that pick, because they want to get a difference-making, impact player right now. And they believe using that No. 3 pick, and maybe some other players and/or picks, might be the best way to [make] that happen."

Blakely was asked about the type of players the Celtics are targeting.

"The guys that they want are the guys that everybody wants," said Blakely. "We're talking about [Kevin] Durant, we're talking about Jimmy Butler, those type of players. And those guys are going to be at the top of their wish list until those guys say, 'We don't want to come to Boston.' "