The Cleveland Cavaliers will receive trade calls this offseason about Kevin Love and they're expected to at least listen.

"This team did not fit particularly well for playing Golden State, and that's my fault," David Griffin said. "But against the East, we were historically good. Now that we've experienced this, I'm very confident this group has its best basketball in front of it. They know what they have now."

The Cavaliers will be thin on the wing, especially if Richard Jefferson goes through with his retirement announcement.

"The Celtics is the trade that has made sense for six months," said Brian Windhorst. "I happen to know the Cavs really like Avery Bradley and to me, I would want Marcus Smart and I would want one of the draft picks. You're not getting the high pick obviously, but you want one a draft pick."

Windhorst also talked about how the pressure has been removed by winning a title and they can afford to wait to let the trade market come to them on Love.