Despite moving towards a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers in which they would move down to No. 3, the Boston Celtics are still attempting to secure a second visit with Markelle Fultz and an initial visit with Josh Jackson.

The Celtics reportedly like Jackson at No. 3 but they have been unsuccessful in securing a meeting with him.

Fultz canceled his second workout with the Celtics in order to meet with both the 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers.

There was a report in May suggesting top prospects could attempt to avoid being drafted by the Celtics due to playing time concerns.

“As of right now, we have not seen him,” Ainge said about Jackson. “We’re trying to get to see him and Lonzo Ball, two guys we haven’t seen that we’d like to see, and so far they’ve chosen not to come in.”

Ainge declined to comment on the reported trade talks with the 76ers.

“I can’t participate in not keeping my word of keeping conversations with other teams private,” he said.