The Cavaliers dropped to 4.5 games behind the Celtics in the Eastern Conference following their 102-88 loss in Boston. Toronto is also ahead of the Celtics in the East.

"I'm always concerned about other teams getting better and better," James said after Wednesday's loss. "But I'm more concerned about us getting better and better. That's the bigger thing. Washington and obviously this team right here, Miami is trying to get better and better, Toronto is playing exceptional basketball right now. The East is pretty damn good this year, and right now we're not so good. [We were] great, [now] not so good. See what happens next. But you've always got to be concerned with the competition, for sure."

The Cavaliers are just now working Isaiah Thomas into their team.

"I don't know who we are, what we can be until we get IT back consistently," James said. "But we know what the program is, so it's not like it's a surprise he wasn't playing tonight. We already know he won't play in the Indiana game after we're in Minnesota. He's not playing back-to-backs right now. So until we get a full dosage of IT and get our rotations down and things of that nature, we're playing well and Tristan (Thompson) comes back, we're integrating him, and we haven't played as well as of late, so we're trying to figure that out. We'll be fine."