The New York Knicks have reduced the minutes of Jarrett Jack as the team pivots to developing their younger players.

Jack will consider a buyout before Thursday's deadline.

"I've never done it before to jump from one team in the middle of the season to a playoff squad. I know that's what other guys have done. To be honest, I don't really know," Jack said. "Maybe I do need to sit down and look at a list of what my best possible options are. But as of today I'm with the Knicks and want to help in any capacity I can."

Jack is on an expiring minimum deal.

"Obviously I'd like to be on the court but I think they're allowing some of these younger guys to get some opportunities to show where they're at amongst the other guys in this league and it's coach's decision," Jack said. "We were in Orlando (for a game last week) and he said we'll move in that direction. It's not for me to have an opinion on it."