Isaiah Thomas didn't impress LeBron James or other players on the team either on or off the court.

"I'm all for an underdog story, but you usually expect some humility to be a part of that story," said one team source.

Thomas was brash with his comments about his own play and also his teammates and coaches.

"I think there's probably a lot of 'what ifs' with him," Cavs guard Kyle Korver said to ESPN when asked about Thomas in L.A. this weekend. "If he had been healthy, if he had been able to have a training camp and start from the beginning of the season, there's no question he's a dynamic guard. When he's healthy, he's a problem. He's someone who can take a big chunk of the scoring load.

"But the way that it all played out, with him coming back so late in the season and trying to find his rhythm, it just didn't work. The fit wasn't there. That's not a knock on anybody. I think if you go across the NBA, for everyone outside of a few superstar players, the fit really matters. And for whatever number of reasons, things just didn't work out, and I think there were a lot of factors that played into that."