David Fizdale talked about what he believes will turnaround the New York Knicks.

"Staying with the process of it," said Fizdale. "Not getting overzealous and trying to hit a home run or do something that deep down inside we probably know is not a home run. And just being patient with our development, the way we build our culture from the ground up. Doing it the right way, not skipping any steps, treating each other well inside the walls of the organization with what the Knicks stand for. Feeling proud about the name ‘Knicks’ and really trying hard to hammer that down.

"With time, people will see that it is a different New York Knicks. The recruitment will take off. We will get the right type of free agents in to go along with these talented kids."

Fizdale is frequent communication with Kristaps Porzingis and will visit him in Latvia this summer.

"Yeah, we talked. We WhatsApp all the time and check in on each other. And my wife and I are flying out in two weeks to go spend a week with him and his family."