David Kelly serves as the lead lawyer of the Golden State Warriors where he has responsibilities on both the basketball and business side. Kelly serves as the Warriors' resident salary cap guru and CBA expert.

“A lot of the job is coming up with a hundred scenarios that Bob Myers turns down,” Kelly said recently at team headquarters. “Or it might be Bob (Myers) saying, ‘Show me how we can do this.’ Like with Kevin Durant. Is there a way to clear enough space to sign him? How do we sign Kevin Durant and keep Andre Iguodala? Can we also keep Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut? If not, then with what teams can we work out a trade?”

One of Kelly's responsibilities is to manage the salary cap situation for every team in the league.

"He uses an Excel spreadsheet he’s been building for the last six years," writes Marcus Thompson III. "It has all of the salary breakdowns for each team. He pulls the information from a database managed by the NBA league office and from RealGM. Not the public website, but the secret section only teams can purchase."

“David is just a great guy,” Kirk Lacob said. “He loves doing what he does and being part of something great. He has no ego, just a will to his creative side with his left brain in order to be successful.”