Gregg Popovich made it clear that he and Kawhi Leonard are parting on good terms following the trade with the Toronto Raptors.

"That's all ridiculous," Popovich said of reports that Leonard was a "bad teammate" late season.

"Kawhi was a great teammate all the way through," Popovich said. "He did his work, was no problem for anybody. But talking heads out there have to have stories, and I get it...But all those stories that denigrated him in that regard were unfortunate and inaccurate."

Popovich said he is confident that the blockbuster deal "will be a good situation for everybody involved."

"Kawhi obviously worked very hard to become the player he is and our staff worked very hard to help him get there and we wish him all the best as he moves on to Toronto. I think he will be great," Popovich said. "Danny Green will be missed. He's been here quite a while and was a big part of what we do on and off the court. He was a great community guy, and we are going to miss him very much."

Popovich said he and Leonard spoke often this summer "about a lot of different things, on and off the court" but that no agreement could be reached that would keep him in San Antonio.

"Attempts were made to see what would be best, and in the end this trade appeared and we felt this was the way to go," Popovich said.