Rudy Gay re-signed with the San Antonio Spurs this offseason after having a successful return from a torn Achilles.

Gay touted the organization in an interview with the Hartford Courant.

“The best part about San Antonio, they do right by you,” Gay said. “They do right by their players, do right by their staff. That doesn’t happen much in the NBA, to be honest with you. It doesn’t happen much. On one side, there was [Kawhi Leonard] that was trying to get out, get to a bigger market, and they were totally being up front with him, and then they trade him for a guy [DeMar DeRozan] where, that organization wasn’t being up front with him at all. So, I mean, it’s just night and day. That trade right there shows you the difference between the San Antonio Spurs and other organizations.

“When you’re in the NBA, it’s different. You have certain players that you just know are going to make their own decisions. But for everybody else, you’re part of the league. We leave foundations. We build houses, have our kids in school. It’s tough to go on and just uproot to another city. For DeMar, it’s another country, so I kind of feel for him. I’ve been in that situation. It’s not easy.”