When Kevin Love negotiated his contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he was only interested in knowing which direction Koby Altman and Dan Gilbert planned on taking the franchise.

"The only thing I didn't want was I didn't want to be a team that was going to tank or be not competitive," Love said. "I've been a part of that for a couple of years (in Minnesota) and then we started to build something. I wanted this to be a building year and still be competitive. That was my only holdup about the whole thing. They had told me they didn't want to take a huge step back.

"I mean, obviously losing LeBron (James) you know what is going to happen with that, but I wanted to be part of something where we could continue to strive for all these banners up here and build something for the next several years."

The Cavaliers were prepared for the departure of LeBron James in 2018 in ways they weren't in 2010 and one of their objectives was not to tank.

"It got done relatively fast," Love said of the negotiations. "I don't know the number of days, but between my agent, Koby and Dan and me just having constant conversations with my agent it didn't seem to be that long."

Love signed a four-year, $120 million contract extension.

"They knew I wanted to be back and think they obviously wanted me back," Love said. "So I don't think it ever came to a point where I said, 'That's just not going to work.'"