While John Wall is the Washington Wizards' franchise player, he is also on one of the NBA's biggest contracts. A trade of Wall could be the only option available to the Wizards to shake up their roster in a meaningful way.

The Wizards, however, are unlikely to trade Wall before July 1st due to the financial complexities in doing so. Wall has a 15 percent trade kicker, which is believed to be the first trade kicker that would be spread over the length of a supermax contract.

Because trade kickers cannot lift a player's salary above his maximum in the year he is traded, Wall's payout could shrink if he's traded in 19-20 once he shifts onto his supermax.

If the Wizards were to trade Wall before then, they could possibly owe him a giant lump sum.

The Phoenix Suns have long been mentioned as a possible destination for Wall.