Jimmy Butler was asked about the possibility of playing for the Los Angeles Clippers following the Minnesota Timberwolves' 120-109 loss on Monday.

Butler reportedly had the Clippers on his list of preferred trade destinations. Both the Clippers and Lakers project to have enough cap space to sign Butler as a free agent.

"No, I'm in Minnesota for the time being," Butler said. "I'll enjoy the sunshine for a couple days, and then if we go back there, we go back there."

Butler said his situation isn't affecting him one way or the other as he continues to wait for a trade.

"I just hoop," Butler said. "I play basketball. I go out there, and I try to win home or away. I think that's my job. I'm not worried about nothing -- none of that. You [reporters] continue to ask those questions, but it's not going to change how I go about the game. It's not going to change how I interact with guys in this locker room. We'll be just fine."