The Houston Rockets have begun the season slowly after taking the Golden State Warriors to seven games in the Western Conference Finals.

Some around the Rockets have suggested the team is suffering from a sort of hangover.

"We didn't win, so we can't have a hangover," said Chris Paul.

"Honestly, it's been kind of hard to get back into our rhythm," Clint Capela said. "First of all, when everybody was healthy, it was hard to get our rhythm back. Then we had a suspension that didn't help, some injuries that didn't help. It took us a lot of time to figure it out. We just have to get back to that grind and enjoy it."

Some rival scouts have suggested Paul looks a bit older.

"He seems a little step slow," one scout said.

Paul has even admitted he hasn't been playing as well.

"That's a lot to do with it," Paul said. "I look at myself first in this situation. I know I've got to play better, and that'll help us play better."