David Fizdale and Marc Gasol made peace during a telephone conversation over the summer.

Fizdale was fired by the Memphis Grizzlies after a Nov. 26, 2017 loss to the Brooklyn Nets in which Gasol was benched for the entire fourth quarter.

"It was a fantastic conversation," Fizdale said. "It was two men that evolved. That's pretty cool to see a moment in your life, individually as a man where your life changed and you got better because of it, somebody made you better. I credit him for that. He made me a better coach. He made me a better person. I was lucky to be his coach."

Gasol credits Fizdale for helping him expand his three-point range.

"We're both appreciative, and we both understand that it wasn't perfect," Gasol told ESPN. "We both would have handled it differently, not last year but the year before when everything happened. We won't let that happen again. It's simple -- you live, you learn and you move on. We made peace with each other, and that's it."