The NBA has yet to determine how the trade bonus in the contract of John Wall would be applied if he's traded this season.

Sources say, however, that interest in trading for Wall is almost nonexistent at this point.

"There is a 99 percent chance that we would not trade for Wall, but I need to be prepared for that 1 percent," one team executive told ESPN.

Wall's trade bonus calls for him to be paid 15 percent of what is owed on is contract if he's traded. If Wall were traded now, the trade kicker could theoretically include his remaining $14.3 million this season and $123.6 million of his supermax set to begin in 19-20. For salary-cap purposes, $5.17 million would be added to each season of Wall's deal for the team acquiring him.

There's no precedent for Wall's situation and not something the NBA and NBPA saw coming during CBA talks.

"Granted, every player in this league can be traded, but the Wall extension right now is the toughest contract I have seen a team try to move in 20 years," one team executive told ESPN. "I couldn't look my owner in the eye and tell him there is value with the player even if we didn't have to trade anything of significance."