Kyrie Irving stressed the importance of teamwork and communication following the Boston Celtics 119-103 win over the Charlotte Hornets. 

Irving hinted at the details of the Celtics' 36-minute closed-door meeting following a loss on Friday night. The Celtics then had another 90-minute team meeting the following day.  

Irving said "getting past those things, the ego-centric things, this is a chance of a lifetime for us. And I think that, in order to achieve what we want to, we have to be closer as a team and really understand that when someone takes a shot, it’s our shot, we feel good about it, now we get back on defense and we prepare the right way and we do the right things for one another and not just for ourselves". 

Irving spoke of not letting outside pressures and distractions from social media infiltrate the locker room. 

“Having social media, having a lot of just pressures outside, and as well as bringing them into the locker room, I think that it’s fairly have to really open yourself up to communicating with these guys, and them communicating with you, and telling them how they feel about their roles, and us just being open to fixing things and helping one another rather than just allowing outside influences to dictate how you feel about your I’m just glad that we can have that open dialogue now where we can just figure it out and know what the big picture is.”