DeMarcus Cousins says he joined the Warriors last summer only after the Lakers and Pelicans lost interest in signing him.

“The people I reached out to … man, the teams I was talking to, and how they slammed the phone in my face. They all slammed the door shut on me. I wish I could share those conversations. But it’s done with. I reached out to teams with the same offer as Golden State, just to see," said Cousins. 

Cousins added that he helped recruit Rajon Rondo to the Pelicans and supported trading for Nikola Mirotic. The Pelicans never offered him a contract.

Cousins says he thinks about what his partnership with Anthony Davis could have been. 

“I think about our pairing all the time. Me and AD talk about it. It’s f--- up. It could’ve been something great, something special, but other people had different things in mind. That’s out of our control, and you never know what’ll happen later on down the line.”