Jeanie Buss went on The Lowe Post this week and talked about the current status of Luke Walton as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Walton's job security has been an issue since the early part of the season.

“I can tell you right now, everyone, Magic (Johnson), Rob (Pelinka), myself, everyone in the organization is behind Luke. There’s nothing more important to Earvin, to Magic — besides his family — than this Laker team. And we are doing everything we can to make sure that Luke is successful in his job. That’s our job.

“I think he’s doing a terrific job. Given the injuries that we’ve had, it’s a challenge. People forget, like, he’s had two of our starters taken away from him. And they’ve won really important games on the road, proving what is possible even without LeBron.

“It’s still difficult to lose the games you’re supposed to win when you’re at home to a sub-.500 team. It’s really hard to lose those games. But then you go out on the road and you get the wins over Oklahoma City, and these great teams in our conference that are where we want to be at the top of the conference, (and) I think that you can see that there is progress being made even without two of our starters. I think Luke’s done an impressive job.”