The New York Knicks were provided a list of four teams Kristaps Porzingis deemed acceptable as trade partners. The list was provided by Porzingis' agent and brother, Janis Porzingis.

The Dallas Mavericks weren't on the list, though the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers were included.

The Knicks called the Mavericks shortly after receiving the list that they were prepared to do the deal.

Porzingis said on Monday that “there might be a time when I go into more detail” about the depths of his discontent as a Knick and the reasons that led him to push for his departure. 

The Knicks were convinced no team beyond the Mavericks was willing to offer cap space, a young player with upside and future first round picks. The Knicks also were concerned that letting the offer from the Mavericks linger would have enabled Porzingis to scare them off.