Ben Simmons reportedly reached out to the Los Angeles Lakers about receiving some level of mentorship this offseason from Magic Johnson.

"[Simmons] reached out to me, not to me directly, to the Lakers to find out if we can get together this summer," Johnson said. "I said, 'Hey, you got to clear it with the league,' and if everybody -- the Sixers sign off, we sign off, the league sign off -- fine, I will do that. But if everybody doesn't sign off, then we can't get together.

"But I love his game. I love his vision. I love also, too, he's very, in terms of basketball IQ, very high basketball IQ."

Simmons said he isn't focused on speaking to Johnson "right now," but he touched on why that conversation could be beneficial.

"He's been in multiple situations where he's had to play the 5, and he won a championship that way, and just a Hall of Famer, one of those guys who is in the position I'm in ... I think he can help," Simmons said.

When asked about Johnson's comments on Simmons, a team spokesman for the Sixers declined comment to ESPN.

According to Elton Brand via 95.7 The Fan, the 76ers rejected a request from Rob Pelinka for Simmons to meet with Johnson.