Bradly Beal reaffirmed his loyalty to the Washington Wizards over All-Star weekend.

“If I can retire in this jersey, I will. I’m all about loyalty...I’m gonna be committed until I’m not, until I’m moved. That’s just my mindset. I’m gonna continue to lead and continue to do what I possibly can to help get us to that. I’m a firm believer that no matter who we have — I think I can do it with anybody. I feel like it’s possible with anybody as long as you have that work ethic and that dedication to get to that level," said Beal during a moderated Q&A session.

Beal added that he doesn't like having to recruit to build a super team, but the Warriors set the standard.

“I kinda hate it. I hate super teams. And that’s just me. … Like everybody, just get your own team and just try to win with what you’ve got. But it’s like you need five All-Stars to win, especially to beat Golden State at this point. Granted, that’s everybody’s measuring stick: Golden State. They’ve got four, five, six guys on their team that are probably All-Stars, so it speaks for (itself).”