James Dolan stood by his decision to confront a fan who was heckling him at Madison Square Garden.

The fan yelled "sell the team!" at Dolan as the owner of the New York Knicks was entering the tunnel to exit the main bowl of the arena.

“For the record, I’m not selling the team and I’m not quitting,” said Dolan. 

Previous reports have suggested Dolan could have interest in selling the Knicks. Dolan stressed he wouldn’t sell even if someone offered him as much as $6 billion.

“We’re not quitting. We’re not selling,” he said. “And we believe we’re going to bring a winner home.”

Dolan explained his side of the confrontation.

“I do understand for the fans it’s about winning and losing and we haven’t been doing much winning. And there’s a real big frustration level there. We get it. I don’t like losing either,” Dolan said. “If you want to go right into [Saturday’s] incident, it’s pretty easy. It appears this gentleman and his friends planned to do this. Just before the game they cleared their profiles out. We have video which shows them moving from one side of the arena to the other and pointing at me, where I was walking, to set this ambush up and they did. As soon as they were done with it, it was immediately sold to TMZ.

“Not for nothing, I shouldn’t have taken the bait,” he said. “I will say we had just lost, again, and believe it or not I get frustrated with it, too. … I don’t mind. You hear all kinds of stuff, but what is a problem is when someone becomes confrontational. These people clearly were there for a confrontation.”

Dolan admitted he wouldn't kick out everyone if more fans chanted the same thing at him.

“The ban is only coming from the fact that he planned it. They were stalking me,” Dolan said.