Bradley Beal has emerged as a contender for one of the All-NBA selections this season.

“I feel like behind James (Harden), I’m the best shooting guard in the league,” Beal told The Athletic. “My numbers may show it, (but) we’re not winning. I think that hurts (an All-NBA case) in a lot of ways. But in terms of individual success, I feel like I’m right there.”


Beal will be eligible for a supermax contract extension if he makes one of the All-NBA teams. Beal could earn an estimated $194 million over four seasons starting in 21-22.

“You know what’s crazy? (Making All-NBA) wasn’t really a goal until people started talking about it more,” Beal said. “I think once there was a little noise behind it, it kinda pushed me to just continue to be consistent, just continue to play at this level. It wasn’t me at the beginning of the year like, ‘Oh, I wanna make the (All-NBA).’ I never even thought about it, but once people started buzzing about it like, ‘Oh, you have a great chance of doing it,’ why not? So, I just continue to play hard and play aggressive.”

If Beal does qualify and the Wizards offer him an extension, he's not yet sure if he will accept it.

“I have no idea. … I try not to (think about it),” he said. “I’m not gonna be naïve to it. I know about it. But … I haven’t even gotten that far, because I need to figure out what we’re gonna do in this offseason, where we’re going, which direction we’re going.”

Beal did recently say, however, that he would like to remain with the Wizards for his entire career.

“If I can retire in this jersey, I will,” he said. “I’m all about loyalty.”

He told Yahoo! Sports in a podcast later that day, “If I can, 100 percent, I’d die in a Wizards jersey.”