Brett Brown's fiery halftime speech lead to a 51-point quarter as the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Brooklyn Nets 145-123 to even up their playoff series.

"He came in here and said a few cuss words -- shocked me a little bit to tell the truth. But I like it; that is the type of energy I love -- make sure everybody did their job, letting them know we can't have it, it's not winning basketball -- and we came out and did what we were supposed to do," Jimmy Butler. 

The 76ers, who were up by 1 at halftime, outscored the Nets 51-23 in the 3rd quarter. The 51 points tied a record for the most points in a playoff quarter.

"He's supposed to do that. He gave us that energy to show us what we can do," said Boban Marjanovic, who added that it was the angriest he's ever seen Brown.