Michael Malone said the Denver Nuggets were living in the moment after winning their first game in San Antonio since 2012. The Nuggets' 117-103 win tied the series 2-2.

"I saw a confidence. I saw a young team that was not thinking about 2012. Because if you think about the last seven years that's going to overwhelm you. We're living in the present. We're living today," said Malone.

Malone emphasized the importance of physicality before the game. Gregg Popovich said the Spurs failed to respond.

"Overall, the Nuggets competed, and we did not. Their physicality was obvious from the get-go. We knew that was gonna happen, and we did not respond. So it was a very disappointing loss, 'cause I think the Nuggets played harder and smarter than we did," Popovich.

DeMar DeRozan was ejected in the 4th quarter after throwing a ball at official Scott Foster.

"Frustration. I thought it was a bad call. Combination of both," said DeRozan on his ejection.