The Los Angeles Lakers narrowed down their list of head coaching candidates to Tyronn Lue and Monty Williams, but the decision was essentially taken out of their hands when Williams accepted the job with the Phoenix Suns.

Some saw the Lakers' pending hiring of Lue as a capitulation to LeBron James, but their level of interest in Williams speaks to his lack of involvement in the process.

"While LeBron, I do know, would prefer (Lue) as head coach. Know this: (LeBron) didn't tell the Lakers 'you have to do it' because they were ready to move toward Monty Williams. I think the Lakers never really took seriously the possibility (Williams) was going to take that Suns' job and he did. I know it surprised them.

"But you're splitting hairs when you're comparing candidates. You can feel more than one guy is qualified to be your head coach."