Kevin Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles in his first game back with the Golden State Warriors following his calf strain in the Western Conference Semifinals.

There has been much debate and speculation over how Durant's return was handled and whether there is any blame internally between Durant and the Warriors.

The Warriors are expected to offer Durant a full five-year max contract in free agency and there have been no indications of an indivisible chasm.

"If there were a breakdown in trust, you would imagine that Kevin Durant's camp and the Warriors would not be in communication, and they have been in communication," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "They have talked. Their ability to talk through whatever any potential issues there are in trying to move forward, I think those lines of communication are open.

"Again, does it happen? Does it stay? I think that conversation has yet to really happen between Durant, Rich Kleiman his business manager, Bob Myers and the organization. I do think there's going to be a point here when they do talk before free agency starts. There's no indication they have been shunned by KD."