Steve Clifford discussed his excitement of unveiling a lineup featuring Markelle Fultz and DJ Augustin in the same backcourt.

Clifford added that the lineup is made possible due to Fultz's ability to defend bigger guards.

“They’re going to play together some. Then you’ve got two point guards who are pick-and-roll threats…they can be interchangeable. It’s a good way to go. They’re both super-skilled. They both play with a point guard mentality and then you’ve got two really good pick-and-roll players," said Clifford.

Clifford complimented Fultz's basketball IQ, praising his ability to fit into a team.

"The thing that I most like about him – and you don’t see this with all young players – is that you work on something and they play five-on-five and he takes what you’ve worked on and he implements it into the team. Obviously, he’s a terrific individual player, he has skill and he knows how to play, he has IQ and he knows how to play both ends of the floor ... His IQ translates into good team play, and a lot of that is because of his attitude and the way that he works," added Clifford before the Magic's preseason game against the Spurs.