Bruno Caboclo has been mostly used as an oversized wing during his career, but the Memphis Grizzlies have begun to solely utilize him as a big.

While Caboclo doesn't have prototypical center size, he has the length and stretchability to work on as a center.

“We’ll probably utilize him in a lot of different spots, four and five,” Taylor Jenkins said. “We put him at (center) in Summer League and are just really getting him comfortable offensively where he has to be at his spots on the floor. Defensively, it’s a lot of pick-and-roll work that he’s been working on that’ll be a big focus for him defensively. And he’s playing off the court to get him ready to play that position.”

Caboclo has gained nearly 20 pounds since last season.

“I think I feel way more comfortable as a big,” Caboclo said. “My focus level is better too and helps a lot on shots, make good plays on defense and offense.”