The Washington Wizards continue to prefer signing Bradley Beal to a contract extension rather than entertain trade offers.

"Bradley Beal has two years left on his deal and the Wizards have not given up hope on signing him to an extension," said Adrian Wojnarowski on a podcast with Zach Lowe. "They have had a three-year, $111 million extension on the table for him to take in any form. Does he want two years? Three years? Any form he wants. They're waiting for him. They are nowhere near the idea of moving Bradley Beal. They want to continue to try to rebuild around him. Get John Wall back healthy."

Beal is widely considered the next potentially gettable player on the trade market.

"If he got on the market would bring back an absolute ransom because if you want to improve your team in a dramatic way, he'd be the guy. But Washington is not doing that. They still want to re-sign him."

Tommy Sheppard replaced Ernie Grunfeld running the Wizards this offseason.