David Fizdale said he may gave RJ Barrett time at point guard throughout the year, adding that he's already thrown the rookie into the role this preseason.

Fizdale noted Barrett's dynamism and size on the defensive end at the point guard position.

"I've thrown him at that position a couple times already. He played some of that in college. I think it adds another layer to how dynamic he can be. Especially having somebody that big that can switch things do some different things defensively. So yeah, I'll sprinkle that in. He's really poised. He looks comfortable. The kid likes having the ball in his hands. He's unselfish. He finds people. He understands - he knows our plays from that position. I feel very comfortable if I have to throw him there," said Fizdale. 

Barrett expressed his confidence with the ball in his hands.

"If I didn't, I wouldn't be here," he responded when asked if he was ready to be a playmaker at the NBA level.