Kemba Walker said that he didn't mind teammates taking the final shot following Jayson Tatum's game winning jumper in the Boston Celtics' 104-102 win over the New York Knicks.

“That was a huge big-time shot, and I’m happy we went to him. Hopefully that keeps him confident, that can really just get something going for us. Unbelievable play ... I probably would have took that a lot of times back in Charlotte, but I mean, I don’t mind. I like having other guys being able to take that shot," said Walker after the game.

Tatum added after the game that he hopes to add to his collection of game winners.

“The guys I look up to in this league, they do things like this all the time. We have someone on the team, Kemba, he’s done this many times. Kyrie did it. So it feels good to hit one. Hopefully I hit more in my career. I’ve got to keep working at it though.”